Breathe. Meditate. Create.  


Our dream is to help you achieve yours. We believe the best work happens when you feel calm, balanced, grounded and clear. This is when you innovate. Hustle. And create something amazing.


We’re here to bring this sense of calm into your workspace.

Our in-office meditation sessions are designed to give you a short but powerful calming break. A few minutes to take a breath, shake off the stress and get some headspace.

Our sessions will help you get into flow. And provide a space for your mind and body to feel calm, focused and revitalised. 

You’ll feel the benefit of this pause all day. 




Work is the time for hustling and doing brilliant things.

To do this, you need your head to be in the game.


Our approach is to design short pockets of space in the day to help you and your team Breathe. Meditate. And then Create. 


These short sessions, held frequently, are the most powerful way to work with meditation. Just like going to the gym - the more consistently you go - the better the results!   

Our sessions are designed to energise and recharge. To enhance collaboration, innovation and awaken the mind to new ideas. So you can see the opportunities, work smarter and have a good time doing it. 

Get in touch to have an initial chat and hear more about our 30-minute group and 1-1 packages. 



These private 30 min sessions allow you to have a short strategic pause in your day. Here we use mindfulness to decompress, recharge and help you align in with your bigger vision. 


So that you can return to your day with intention and positive vibes that will benefit you and your team.


These sessions can happen in your office, a quiet space or even over the phone. 


Our 30 min group meditation provides a space of calm and quiet for your team to pop into. Sessions are designed to be quick, and easy to fit into the workday while giving employees the chance to have a powerful recharge and a relaxing break Our meditations leave employees feeling more focused, calm and energised. 


We can tailor sessions to align with what the team is needing on the day - be it improved creativity, releasing stress or enhanced collaboration. 


Our workshops focus on bringing a deeper awareness and greater mindfulness to approaching work and life. We can create specially tailored workshops or you can explore some of our preplanned ones. Bringing a mindful perspective to how each of us show up in the work can liberate us, unlock our potential and allow us to see the limitations we might be placing on ourselves and others. 




The benefits of meditation are well documented. Many companies from Apple to Google are tapping into the amazing power this simple practice provides. Below are just a few of the benefits. 

  • Meditation is grounding. It brings you into the present moment. It provides the body and mind with a space to drop the stress responses, distractions and negative energy and instead come into clear focused awareness. 


  • Meditation activates the creative centres of the brain. It is a powerful tool in being able to see things from a new perspective. To imagine and design new solutions, innovations and approaches.

  • Meditation recharges and lifts your energy. It helps you connect with others in high vibration. It empowers you to bring enthusiasm and energy into your work. 


  • Meditation enables collaboration and trust. It allows us to approach team members from a place of being balanced and centred. Able to truly listen to each other and share feedback without ego getting in the way. 


  • Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, depression and illness. Every day we are confronted with the huge amounts of pressures, deadlines, interactions and information. The practice of meditation gives teams and leaders a proven way to consistently be clearing the mind and body of stress and negative energy.  



"Romy is an amazing meditation teacher. She makes me feel great for turning up. And even better when I leave. Shas a very natural way about her teaching and her classes. She is caring and authentic. I totally trust her. I highly recommend her."

- Nick Corbett. Creative Director 






Founder + Meditation Coach

Romy began working with meditation as a way to create balance, guidance and happiness in her personal life. She soon found the benefits spilling over into her career. Work became so much more collaborative, her energy was more vibrant and she found herself more focused, creative, healthy and in-flow than ever before.


She began delving deeper into understanding energy, breath work and meditation, learning from many disciplines and training in energy alignment. 


In 2018 she founded Light + Hustle with the goal of bringing positive vibes and a sense of calm into the workspace, helping her clients feel energised in building their dreams. 



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